A few days before His ascension, Jesus gave the commandment to "Go therefore and make disciples," Matthew 28:18-20. In much of today's Christianity, that Great Commission could be called the Great Confusion or simply the Great Omission. Most believers are not disciples. They are confused as to what a disciple is. And true disciplemaking is often missing in today's church. The 10 PDFs linked below offer clarity as to the difference between being a disciple and being just a believer. Expect to be Biblically provoked and challenged! Are you a disciple or just a believer?

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I. Disciple or Believer. The terms disciple and believer are not synonymous. There is an explicit Biblical difference. Too many Christians have settled for being just believers. Are you one of them? Are you a disciple or just a believer? This can be a life-changing question.


II. Measuring Success. What is the true Biblical measure of success in personal ministry and in church ministry? It is not measured in bricks and sticks or in budgets and buildings. What solid building blocks are used by the Master Builder?


III. Are New Believers Disciples?
Does the Bible, as in Acts 14:20-22, use the terms believer and disciple interchangeably? The answer is embedded in the Bible ... not infused into it. We can make a disciple. However, we cannot make a believer.


IV. Once a Disciple Always a Disciple? Once saved always saved is true. However, it is not true that once a disciple always a disciple. Being saved is solely based on His sacrifice and His work. Being a disciple is based on our continuing sacrifice and our continuing work.


V. The Attributes and Disciplines of a Disciple. What are the intrinsic qualities and characteristics of a disciple? What patterns of behavior are ingrained in the life of a disciple? Biblical conduct steadfastly practiced morphs into Biblical character.


VI. Evangelism and Teaching in Acts.
The book of Acts is more than a highlights reel of evangelism in the early Church. It is a very spotty historical record ... 28 chapters covering 28 years. However, teaching was a dominant part of the early Church.

VII. Milk or Meat? Much of today's Christianity promotes spiritual immaturity and spiritual atrophy. The pure milk of the Word is vitally important. However, if we do not move on to the meat of the Word, we will be just believers.


VIII. A Boat or a Boathouse.
This fascinating analogy shows how too many Christians are boathouse-centric rather than boat-centric. Has your boathouse hijacked your boat? Are you so boathouse-centric that you are missing the boat?


IX. The Strengths and Limits of the Pulpit. A strong pulpit is a valuable asset in the Church. However, it is self-limiting. The medium of the pulpit can subjugate the propagation of the message ... and can actually become the message.


X. We are Sinking. The great ship of the Western church has hit an iceberg in the cold oceans of mediocrity. She is drifting, taking on water, and listing to starboard. When you look into the mirror of the Word, do you see that we are sinking?


XI. What’s in it for me? What are the risks and rewards in becoming a real disciple and not settling for being just a believer? What is the abundant life that Jesus spoke of in John 10:10? And what is the cost that He told us to count?


XII. A Second Decision. The Romans 12:1 command to be a living, holy, and acceptable sacrifice is very often misunderstood and misapplied. It is crucially important that you present yourself once-for-all-time to Him. Are  you ready for the sacrifice?

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